Using autonomy for successful delivery

FleetonomyI-BDM and Bays Consulting have successfully completed the UK MOD “Last Mile” challenge to develop an Uber-style drone delivery service – including live trials of an autonomous drone flying in Helsinki.

Dan and Sophie, directors of i-BDM and Bays Consulting said: “Not many projects worth standing in sub-zero temperatures in January whilst it’s snowing and the wind chill bites. This was one of few that was. After all the hard work, seeing the drone fly around the final corner and hover for delivery was brilliant. It’s been great to be part of a truly integrated team delivering novel and innovative solutions that can support the use of autonomous drones across industries and applications.”

The challenge of achieving live demonstrations in six months was only possible by following a rigorous engineering, analysis and project management plan – or to put it another way, by drawing upon the niche skill set of all companies within the consortium. Looking ahead, Markus Kantonen, director of Fleetonomy is excited about the future potential of autonomy and is already building on the success of this project by extending into the field of ground-based autonomous vehicles, saying “by combining the capabilities of the full range of autonomous vehicles we will truly be able to deliver a cost-efficient peer to peer logistics delivery system in the near future to any interested marketplace”


Markus Kantonen