Fleetonomy.ai demonstrates “Workhorse” operational fleet management for UAVs in the US

Fleetonomy.ai and its team of partners have been proud to have been part of the Autonomous Last Mile Resupply (ALMRS) challenge with the UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) and the latest activities in a joint collaboration with the UK & US military teams. The trials took place in Michigan, US, during August 2019 and provided a full three weeks of intense testing and evaluation for our “Workhorse” software for operational fleet management of UAV fleets. Being part of the UK contingent was a privilege, and provided us and our partners with insight to the current and future challenges that defence teams are working to solve.

Dan Davies, Business Development Manager at Fleetonomy.ai said: : “Being able to apply our research and development from the last 18-months into realistic scenarios, and with military stakeholders, has provided such a great stepping stone for our company to now move as a serious business in this sector. We look forward to the next challenges.”

Peter Stockel, Dstl’s Autonomous Lead, said:“As one of our 5 ALMRS Phase 2 teams, the team at Fleetonomy have been an exciting component of our journey. They have brought a special capability (for example being able to fly urban deliveries in downtown Helsinki by day and night), and as a result the project has gained hugely valuable insights for the development of autonomous resupply capability for the British Army and other partners. They have been focused and dedicated to the work at hand, providing their expertise and their unique “Workhorse” mission management software for undertaking successful autonomous operations. We have been impressed with the level of work from this small team, who have been pitched above their weight in their innovation delivery. We look forward to seeing what they can achieve next as we take the ALMRS project onwards under Project Theseus.

Markus Kantonen