Fleetonomy make UAV History at SESAR GOF U-SPACE Trials

Fleetonomy.ai took part in the SESAR Joint Undertaking GOF U-SPACE project in August and achieved a milestone for the unmanned aviation industry.

2019-09-24 17_11_12-Fleetonomy make UAV History at SESAR GOF U-SPACE Trials — Fleetonomy.ai.png

Our integration with AirMap, gave the emergency services the ability to control the unmanned airspace and implement dynamic No Fly Zone capability, which automatically sends drones back to their home positions. 

This achievement along with AirMap, went beyond expectations, as Fleetonomy and AirMap were only supposed to reach U-Space level 2 status, but were actually able reach U-space level 3 status, 2 years before the official timeline,  

The hard work and dedication from the Fleetonomy.ai team helped make the GOF U-Space trials an overwhelming success.

‘Both of our drones took off and went to their assigned missions, then suddenly, they just stopped, turned around, headed home and began to land. It was an amazing sight.‘ Stephen Sutton - Operations Manager, Fleetonomy.ai

The implementation work by our development team at Fleetonomy.ai, alongside our colleagues at AirMap,  show the public that drones can work safely and responsibly in a public environment and not infringe on restricted areas. This is now shaping the future of the drone industry, and we are delighted to be at the forefront of the technology.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with AirMap, and bring safety to cities and communities around the world.